Administrative Program

Our Purpose

The foundation to any successful business is the support team - the people behind the scenes that make the entire operation run smoothly and efficiently.  Admin staff are the dedicated individuals you hear when you call by phone or visit at our offices. The Admin Program defines and manages two broad processes:

 - Human Resource processes
-  Injury Management and Return to Work processes

Our Commitment

The management at Troyer Ventures is committed to maintaining an efficient workplace with pleasant working conditions.  Specifically we will:

- Recruit and hire in a fair and equitable manner
- Provide an equal opportunity workplace with potential for advancement
- Provide a good compensation and benefit package
- Provide modified work opportunities in the event of injury or illness

A Brief Look at the Program

The Administrative Operation Management Program was created to define and manage administrative processes that include:

01. Admin Policies and standards
02. Admin procedures and checklists
02. Admin Operational Control Plans