Environmental Program

Our Purpose

We believe excellence in preserving the environment around us is vital to the well being of all people everywhere and essential to all aspects of our business. The Environmental Quality Management Program plays a key role in maintaining a contamination-free workplace and defines and manages several broad processes:

- Eliminating contamination in equipment and facilities
- Product disposal and recycling
- Effective retirement of equipment from service

Our Commitment

The management at Troyer Ventures is committed to protecting the environment in which we conduct our work. Specifically we will:

- Maintain equipment and facilities to prevent contamination
- Properly manage the disposal/recycling of waste products
- Provide effective restorative measures if accidental contamination occurs

A Brief Look at the Program

The Environmental Quality Management Program was created to define and manage:

-  Core system processes (common to all programs)
-  Environmental processes (specific to this program)

Environmental processes are specific to the Environmental Program and include several key sections:

01. Environmental Policies and standards
02. Environmental practices
03. Environmental Loss Control Plans