Equipment Program

Our Purpose

Providing equipment services is a big part of what we do on a daily basis at Troyer Ventures.  Efficient management of our heavy-duty fleet and support equipment is vital to our business and the satisfaction of our customers. The Administrative Operational Management Program plays a key role in the effective operation of our equipment and defines and manages several broad processes:

- Mobile Equipment Operation
- Small Equipment Operation
- Motor Vehicle Operation
- Critical Task Operations

Our Commitment

The management at Troyer Ventures is committed to maintaining an efficient and effective equipment fleet in order to provide the highest quality of service to our customers. Specifically we will:

- Acquire high quality equipment with proven dependability
- Maintain our equipment to a high standard of service and repair
- Operate equipment in accordance with industry and regulatory standards
- Remove from service any equipment not fit for use

A Brief Look at the Program

The Equipment Operation Management Program was created to define and manage:

-  Core system processes (common to all programs)
-  Equipment processes (specific to this program)

Equipment processes are specific to the Equipment Program and include several key sections:

01. Equipment Policies and standards
02. Equipment procedures and checklists
03. Equipment Operational Control Plans