Facility Program

Our Purpose

Troyer Ventures maintains operational facilities in two key locations - Fort Saint John and Fort Nelson, BC.  The Fort St John headquarters hosts an office-shop complex, truck shop, and tank farm distribution facility; Fort Nelson hosts an office-shop complex and large-scale tank farm distribution facility. The Facility Operational Management Program plays a key role in the effective operation and maintenance of our facilities and defines and manages several broad processes:

- Conducting work within a facility
- Maintaining a facility
- Emergency evacuation of a facility

Our Commitment

The management at Troyer Ventures is committed to maintaining efficient facilities to provide support to our administrative, equipment, and maintenance operations and benefit our customers. Specifically we will:

- Acquire or construct facilities that meet or exceed industry standards
- Maintain our facilities to a high degree of service and repair
- Operate facilities in a safe and in an environmentally responsible manner
- Upgrade facilities as necessary to promote continual improvement

A Brief Look at the Program

The Facility Operation Management Program was created to define and manage:

-  Core system processes (common to all programs)
-  Equipment processes (specific to this program)

Facility processes are specific to the Facility Program and include several key sections:

01. Facility Policies and standards
02. Facility procedures and checklists
03. Facility Operational Control Plans