Goods and Services Program

Our Purpose

We promote excellence in every aspect of our daily activities, and believe delivering top quality products and service is vital to the well being of our company and those conducting business with us. The Goods and Services Quality Management Program plays a key role in delivering high value at every level of our operations and manages several broad processes:

- Purchasing and Acquisition of Products & Equipment
- Storage and Inventory of Products
- Sales and Distribution of products
- Assurance of quality service
- Customer & Public Resource Assurance

Our Commitment

The management at Troyer Ventures is committed to delivering goods and service of exceptional value and quality to our customers and the public. Specifically we will:

- Purchase/acquire products or equipment of high quality value
- Store/distribute products to preserve product integrity and quality
- Conduct operations to preserve customer/public resources

A Brief Look at the Program

The Goods and Services Quality Management Program was created to define and manage:

-  Core system processes (common to all programs)
-  Goods/Services processes (specific to this program)

Crisis Response processes are specific to the Crisis Program and include several key sections:

01. Goods & Services Policies and standards
02. Goods and Services practices
03. Goods and Services Loss Control Plans