Health and Safety

Our Purpose

There are many costs to accidents and unsafe work practices - the greatest is the human cost. By protecting our employees, we are also protecting their friends, families, fellow workers, management, and the public from far-reaching effects of serious incidents.  We are also protecting our ability to continue doing business and employing people.

Our Commitment

The management at Troyer Ventures is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.  Specifically we will:

- Meet or exceed all applicable laws and regulations
- Continually improve our health and safety performance
- Communicate with our staff and workers on a regular basis
- Strive to prevent injuries and illness
- Require the refusal of work when unsafe conditions exist
- Hold all staff responsible to fulfill their health and safety responsibilities

A Brief Look at the Program

The Health and Safety Quality Management Program was created to define and manage:

-  Core system processes (common to all programs)
-  Health and Safety processes (specific to this program)

Health and Safety processes are specific to the H&S Program and include several key sections:

01. H&S Policies and standards
02. H&S practices
02. H&S Loss Control Plans